Certified safety components

Security components include all systems that can be assigned to the security infrastructure and are not integrated in the central background systems of (((eTicket Deutschland.

manufacturer: Systemtechnik GmbH

Product: SAM-Cluster SC-256

contact person:
Christian Schwarz

Systemtechnik GmbH
Wielandstraße 12
99610 Sömmerda

DownloadZertifizierung SAM-Cluster SC-256

manufacturer: Worldline Germany GmbH

Component: Output of static authorizations (VDV barcode) / MAC check
KA-Release: 1.6.0

contact person:
Daniel Fiege

Worldline Germany GmbH
Pascalstr. 19
52076 Aachen 

DownloadWorldline SAM-Server: Zertifizierung inkl. Anwendungsfälle