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From basic seminars to in-depth seminars to specialized knowledge in Motics or PKM: so that you know exactly what to expect in our events, we indicate the degree of complexity for seminars & co.: from green like basic seminar to dark red like CLINIC.

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We offer classroom and online seminars. Here, experts provide detailed insights into a topic. Our seminars are usually one-day events that are divided into several content blocks. Interactivity is an essential part of the seminars.


Webinars are purely online formats that can last two to four hours. In our webinars, one or more experts give presentations on a topic. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to ask questions.


CLINICs are three-hour online formats for addressing a spotlight topic: After the topic has been published and before the event, participants submit their impulses, questions and concerns. First, an expert gives a presentation on the topic, followed by a plenary discussion.


Whether ASM tool or (((efi: We make you fit for the handling of our platforms and tools. The trainings take place online and usually last one complete training day. 

Exclusive in-house offers for you in English

Most of our seminars are held in German. This is especially the case for face-to-face events in our rooms. We will inform you here when we offer regular seminars and webinars in english language.

For example the webinar "Motics kompakt" on our copy protection for mobile phone tickets is already available in English.

We offer in-house as well as exclusive seminars, trainings and workshops for you and your team. Also in English. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. 

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New! Sales briefings for industry and manufacturers

We help sales teams as well as employees from account management and product management to advise their public transport customers in the best possible way. In our sales briefings, we make your team exclusively ready for Motics & Co.

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Daniel Krings

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Denise Beem

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