Sales Briefings for industry and manufacturers

We help you to advise your customers in the best possible way. In our new "Sales Briefings" format, we train your sales management and sales staff as well as your account management and product management teams. Due to the high demand from transport companies, we are currently offering sales briefings on copy protection for mobile phone tickets (Motics). Briefings on the new ticketing standard,(((etiCORE, are being planned.

By the way: Sales Briefings will be included as a service in our new manufacturer packages in the future. 

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Free Motics Sales Briefing

To enable you to respond optimally to the growing demand from your customers for secure cell phone tickets, we invite you to a short, exclusive info session on Motics or VDV barcode mobile+. The Motics Sales Briefing is a two to three hour online event. We exclusively provide your team with the information they need to explain the new additional Motics (also known as VDV Barcode mobile+ in the public transport industry) and the necessary prerequisites to your transport companies.

Specifically, we provide insights into:

  • Initial situation and requirements of the public transport industry
  • Solution and functionality of Motics
  • Cost and user model of the Motics
  • Features, use cases and potentials
  • possible subsidies
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Transport companies and associations that issue cell phone tickets need copy protection. Motics (Mobile Ticketing Crypto Service) secures public transport ticket revenue on smartphones. The passenger's wish to finally store his monthly ticket or new flexible fare products on his smartphone can thus be fulfilled.

To integrate Motics into ticket sales, the background system, apps, and control devices require a software update. In most cases, several manufacturers are involved here. 

It is therefore important that all those involved have the same level of knowledge and pull together in an implementation project. That's why we offer personnel support for implementation projects in addition to information events for you. Our implementation management team will be happy to help you.