Releases VDV Ka 1.x and (((etiCORE

At our annual participants' meeting, the participants in (((eTicket Deutschland vote on suggestions for optimizing our ticketing standard, so-called change requests. We integrate decided changes into the standard and publish them with the new releases.

This is how we will also proceed with the successor version of our standard, (((etiCORE.

New releases availaible at the ASM tool

At the beginning of December 2021 we have published the VDV KA release 1.10.0. Since then, the release is available for download in the ASM tool.

To the ASM tool

Release plan for download and at (((efi

Currently KA exists in version 1.11.0. The new version is under development and will be called (((etiCORE. Here you can find the current release plan for (((etiCORE.

In addition, we keep you informed about news regarding (((etiCORE on our collaboration platform (((efi in the working group (((etiCORE Forum.

Download release plan To the (((etiCORE Forum