Part of the German federal government’s NFC initiative, OPTIMOS is a research project that aims to create an open NFC ecosystem for the mobile use of secure identities for mobile services.


The project uses examples of national e-ticketing in public transport to define and test applications. The findings will contribute to international NFC standardisation with the goal of ensuring the global interoperable use of NFC devices in the medium term.


The work environment for project partners

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NFC for beginners

You’ve heard of NFC, but you don’t really know what it means? Our brief introduction is here to help.

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The OPTIMOS project

Get a general overview of the OPTIMOS project, as well as its partners, goals and proposals. 



About the OPTIMOS project

OPTIMOS for test customers

Are you a test customer, looking to become a test customer or want to know what we do with test customers? Our project partners at TU Dresden are here to help.

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OPTIMOS for experts


Do you know a thing or two about ISO standards and technical specifications? Here is some information about OPTIMOS that may interest you.


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