The Mobile Ticketing Crypto Service, or Motics for short, is our copy protection for cell phone tickets - from single trips to annual subscriptions.

The Mobile Ticketing Crypto Service, or Motics for short, is our copy protection for cell phone tickets - from single trips to annual subscriptions.

Secure tickets on the smartphone

Search for connection, select, pay: Buying tickets with a smartphone is particularly attractive for occasional customers. As soon as the desired connection is found in the app and the ticket is paid for via customer account, Paypal or credit card, a 2D barcode is sent to the cell phone. The digital ticket.

Practical for passengers, inconvenient for transport companies. When a ticket is checked, the barcode and ID card must always be verified. Only in this way can the ticket be clearly assigned to the person who is currently using it. This is necessary because the 2D barcode does not have copy protection. So anyone could buy a cell phone ticket, copy it via screenshot or screen recording, and send it to all their friends.

Copy protection for tickets with Motics (Mobile Ticketing Crypto Service)

The control devices can detect whether a ticket has been tampered with, but they recognize a 1:1 copy as a valid ticket. If the ID medium is not checked during a control, the control teams cannot be sure whether it is a legally purchased ticket or a screenshot. That is why we at VDV (((eTicket Service have developed the Mobile Ticketing Crypto Service, Motics for short. 

Motics establishes a connection between the existing security systems of (((eTicket Germany and the passenger's smartphone. It has various expansion stages so that tickets can be protected against copying and manipulation via NFC, Bluetooth or visually as barcodes.

Dynamic elements as copy protection

Visual tickets are issued and secured as dynamic barcodes or as VDV barcode mobile+. Today, standard-compliant barcodes are signed by security certificates. In the course of further development, the VDV barcode now receives copy protection through a dynamic security element. This is, for example, a time stamp that is renewed at intervals of a few seconds. If the ticket is then copied and sent, the dynamic element stops and no longer updates. When a copy is checked, it then immediately shows that it is an invalid ticket.

However, because of the dynamic element, Motics - unlike the existing barcode - can only be used on digital media that have an optical output, i.e., a display. A dynamic element on a paper ticket - that's not possible.

What does Motics cost the transport companies?

Prices for transport companies 

The price per short-term certificate including Motics usage is eleven cents for three months. As with all our certificates, this is an inclusive price with no additional costs.

What does Motics cost manufacturers?

Research and development free of charge

Registered users can access all specifications free of charge in the ASM tool. 

Zum ASM-Tool

Sales Briefings for free

Together with your team, we look at the basics and possible applications of Motics. From needs to use cases to funding.

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Commercial use with costs

Wenn Sie die Motics für Ihre Kunden umsetzen, brauchen Sie ein Herstellerpaket. Darin enthalten sind alle Release-Pakete inklusive Spezifikationen und XML-Schemata.

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DB Navigator & Co: Who is using Motics?

Deutsche Bahn was the first German public transport company to use Motics. Public transport tickets offered via DB Navigator have been protected against copying and manipulation with Motics since 2021. 

Other transport companies have begun implementation. In principle, Motics is worthwhile for all public transport companies that issue cell phone tickets - whether as one-way tickets or as subscriptions. Motics also secures annual passes or job tickets on smartphones.

All participants in (((eTicket Germany can use the Motics

The Motics specifications have been part of the VDV core application since May 2018. Since 2021, the system has been available to all (((eTicket Deutschland participants free of charge as an extension of the central security infrastructure.

Transport companies, associations and manufacturers can download all documents, SDK and software libraries in the ASM-Tool. Prerequisite is a participant contract to (((eTicket Deutschland. In order to use the Motics SCE library and the test apps, the terms of use must also be accepted.

Your contact persons for Motics

From tendering to commissioning: Our implementation managers will be happy to support you.

Cezary Zglinski
Implementation Manager

René Schmid
Implementation Manager