LoadKey-Tool for transport companies and manufacturers

Sometimes it may be necessary to add or remove certain keys subsequently on already delivered Level 2 or Level 3 SAMs. For this you need the so-called LoadKey tool (also 'SAMLoadCrypto'). With LoadKey tool, transport companies and manufacturers alike can apply cryptograms to SAMs that have already been delivered and thus

  • transfer new symmetric keys to a SAM
  • delete existing symmetric keys on a SAM
  • change the usage limit of symmetric keys on a SAM 

How to get the LoadKey tool

The cryptograms are requested via the  ASM-Tool and downloaded via the KA key management website after issuance. You can download the LoadKey tool together with a PDF manual here free of charge.

Download LoadKey-Tool

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System requirements for using the LoadKey tool: 

  • Standard commercial PC (or notebook)
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Commercially available smart card reader, which can be accessed via the Windows interface PC-Card. This card reader is usually connected via USB.