Level-1-SAMs for tests

VDV-ETS offers special Level 1 SAMs for test use, which are functionally identical to the Level 3 SAMs required for later active operation. The Level 1 SAMs are therefore suitable for component tests during the general development of user media or terminals.

Order and download the SAMs

The Level 1 SAMs are available from VDV-ETS at a unit price of € 45 plus VAT and shipping. The flat shipping rate for delivery within Germany is € 10,-.

Orders can only be placed online via the ASM tool. 

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Safe tests under real operating conditions

When building IT systems, numerous tests are absolutely essential, and this is no different with VDV-KA and (((etiCORE. For the tests during the development of system components, we recommend initially working in safety level 1 to ensure optimum safety and at the same time create real operating conditions for the tests.

For this purpose, we offer appropriate Level 1 SAMs. All Level 1 SAMs contain exactly the same data, i.e. they are generically configured and mutual clones.

Level 1, 2 and 3 SAMs (Secure Application Modules) 

The Secure Application Modules (SAMs) used by (((eTicket Deutschland are available in three variants according to the 3 different security levels of the architecture of (((eTicket Deutschland. The respective variants refer to the type and scope of the included keys.

In contrast to the Level 2 and Level 3 SAMs, the data on Level 1 SAMs can be loaded into eTT outside the highly secure environment of the Trust Center. This means that the values of the keys in the Level 1 SAMs are not confidential: Cryptographic calculations, for example, can also be verified outside the SAMs.