Level-1 user media 

To support tests of individual system components (e.g. terminal applications) already during development, we offer so-called Level 1 user media. These are test smart cards that can be used as a tested counterpart to the component under test.

Ordering the user media

The Level 1 user media are available at a unit price of € 7.50 plus VAT and shipping for a minimum order quantity of five. The flat shipping rate for delivery within Germany is € 10.

Orders can only be placed online via the ASM tool. 

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Standardized tests for manufacturers and test laboratories

Functionally, the Level 1 user media are identical to those used in the subsequent effective system.

All Level 1 user media contain exactly the same data specified by eTT, i.e. they are generically configured and clones. This means that manufacturers and test laboratories have a specification for standardized tests and can dispense with specific preparations or even orders from the transport companies.

Any authorization data possible

The delivered Level 1 user media contain a key pair with certificate; the application status is set to "issued" in each case. They do not yet contain individual credentials, but are ready to accept any credential data. 

The cryptographic keys used are published with eTT to enable the tracking of possible error sources, even for all cryptographic calculations.