Joint procurement of smart cards and system components

For our participants, we offer central procurement of system components and user media at regular intervals. Joint tenders are used to bundle demand volumes and achieve economies of scale and synergy effects. Currently, participants in (((eTicket can obtain smart cards from three manufacturers:

  • IDENTA Ausweissysteme GmbH
  • SINC NOVATION Falkenstein GmbH
  • TCS Cards & Systems GmbH

From 21 September 2024, they will supply eleven million smart cards. By 2028, our participants will be able to order up to 31.6 million smart cards from them. 

This diversification ensures a reliable supply of the German public transport system.

Fair prices even for small order quantitiese 

By tendering and ordering components for all participants in (((eTicket Deutschland, we achieve significantly better conditions than in individual tenders. This is an advantage for small and medium-sized transport companies in particular: they benefit from fair prices even for smaller quantities. In addition, the workload for the transport company is reduced. 

One focus of central procurement is on smart cards and security management components. However, bundling and joint tenders are also possible in other areas.

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On our collaboration platform (((efi there is the working group "Chipkarten-WG". Here we discuss with all employees of transport companies who are responsible for the purchase of user media. (Digital) regulars' table included. 

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