(((etiKIT for industry and manufacturers

We have revised our manufacturer package for you. From now on you can choose between three different (((etiKIT. As a manufacturer of hardware and or software solutions for public transport, the (((etiKIT gives you access to all important information and systems and allows you to use our specifications - depending on the package - nationally as well as internationally.

The (((etiKIT also includes all release packages including specs and XML schemas. In addition, you receive an OrgID from us for the test operation.

More than 50 companies from Germany are already using our vendor package.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • VDV-KA release package (incl. VDV-KA-Spec., XML schemas) 
  • Allocation of an OrgID (for test operation)
  • Use of the security management of the (((eTicket Germany for component and integration tests 
  • Use of the central services ZVM and KOSE via the ION 
  • Use of eTT 
  • Inclusion in the manufacturer list maintained by the VDV eTicket Service 
  • VDV-ETS guest speaker for manufacturer's user conferences (1x per year)
  • Participation in the annual VDV-KA technology day (up to 3 employees per company) 
  • Consultation and support from VDV-ETS 
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Basic, Professional and Premium: The (((etiKIT is available in three different variants

(((etiKIT Basic: 359€/month

The Basic package gives you access to all KA releases, specifications and XML schemas and entitles you to commercial use of the specifications in the context of (((eTicket Deutschland. You will receive a Level 2 OrgID for test operation and can use the security management of (((eTicket Deutschland for test operation (Level 2). If you complete the Basic version, we will add you to our vendor list and invite a member of your team to our annual technology day. 

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(((etiKIT Professional: 659€/month

With the (((etiKIT Professional you also use our specifications internationally. We guarantee you eight hours of free advice from our experts per year and make your sales team fit with a sales briefing. You receive access to our ION certificate package and the test tool eTT as well as the authorisation to operate a joint service point (GSS). We invite three employees from your company to the annual KA Technology Day.

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(((etiKIT Premium: 1790€/month

If you sign up for (((etiKIT Premium, you will of course have access to all the services included in the Professional package. In addition, once a year we send one of our experts to you as a guest speaker. For example, at your user day.
We also provide you with 30 Level 1 SAMs and 30 Level 1 user media per year free of charge for testing purposes.

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You can obtain the package in four simple steps via the ASM tool: 

  1. Register yourself and your company in the ASM tool (if not already done). 
  2. Make the application for the manufacturer package in the ASM tool. 
  3. Your company will be assigned a Level 2 OrgID. The OrgID will be used to identify the company in all contracts and processes.
  4. Conclude the master agreement for manufacturers - together with the declaration of accession with T-Systems.
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You will then receive a token from T-Systems for online authentication. This fulfills all requirements and you and your company can order all necessary security components (SAMs, keys, certificates) for your tests and use the systems provided.