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Certification: Your guarantee of success

As participants in eTicket Deutschland, transport companies and transport associations are contractually obliged to use certified ticketing components. More than 600 companies currently participate.

In cooperation with the test laboratory cetecom advanced GmbH, we offer certification of all eTicket Deutschland components:

  • User media, e.g. smart cards
  • Acceptance terminals, e.g. control, registration or sales terminals
  • Background systems 
  • Security modules in the form of SAM servers or SAM clusters

This gives manufacturers the opportunity to have their components tested against the VDV core application standards and to receive a corresponding certification certificate from us.


Here you will find an overview of the components we have already certified.


Supporting the introduction of Motics: free post-certification of DL terminals

All tachographs in Germany must be Motics-compatible by the end of 2024. We will support you as a manufacturer by recertifying your DL terminals free of charge in November 2024. Two conditions apply:

  1. The DL terminal must have been certified by us after 1 November 2021.
  2. The certified software version has not changed since then, only the Motics functionality has been added.

If this applies to your terminals, please send us an email to zertifizierung.ets@vdv.de by 31 October 2024 with a reference to the original certification and a declaration that only the Motics functionality has been added to the certified software version (PDF with signature).

The tests will take place at our premises in your presence no later than November 2024. You will receive the certificate from us in December 2024/January 2025.

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Team Zertifizierung

Five steps to certification:

  1. You download the test application for the component to be certified, fill it out and send it via e-mail to ets-zertifizierung@vdv.de
  2. We coordinate the application with you. You commission the test laboratory to certify the components.
  3. Your component is tested by us on site at cetecom advanced.
  4. cetecom advanced testers write a test report based on the test protocol.
  5. You receive your certification certificate from us and your component will be included in our overview of certified manufacturers.
Download product sheet

To have your components certified, you must submit a corresponding test application to us. We will coordinate the application with you before you commission the testing laboratory. From the chip card to the bus printer to the control unit - download your test application here:

Test application user media
Test application acceptance terminals
Test application background systems
Test application for static authorization

If you would like to submit a test application for SAMs, please contact us.

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These are your contacts

Bernd Pieper, Leiter Standardisierung und Zertifizierung

Bernd Pieper

Head of Standardization and Certification


Lisa Hintzen, Projektassistenz & Zertifizierung

Lisa Hintzen

Project Assistance & Certification