(((etiCORE  - a look behind the scenes of the new ticketing standard

(((etiCORE is the next generation of our ticketing standard and will go live in 2026 with all background systems updated. Until 2031, (((etiCORE will run in parallel operation with the VDV core application before the system landscape of VDV-KA will then be switched off from 2031.

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A model of the specification 

All specification parts presented here belong to the first release candidate of etiCORE 3.0.0.
Together with the specifications in the ASM tool, they can be used for tenders and system development in compliance with the terms of use.

Due to first implementation projects, corrections may still occur in principle, which we will make available to you including release notes in due time. Corrections are collected and then lead to a new release candidate. The following links always point to the latest version.

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You can download the current milestone and release plan of (((etiCORE here.

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Here you will find the interfaces for system communication

terms of use


(((etiCORE Specification Model


(((etiCORE Interface Description


(((etiCORE ASN.1 Description

Daniel Krings Wilk Hoffmann (((etiCORE

Together we develop (((etiCORE

The VDV core application 1.X will remain the VDV core application until it is completely shut down and archived in 2031. (((etiCORE will become active in 2026. From that time on we will operate both the VDV core application and (((etiCORE in parallel.

Already now we provide working documents around (((etiCORE on our collaboration platform (((efi. There you can ask questions and discuss in the forum with us and manufacturers as well as employees of transport companies. In this way, the next generation of the eTicket standard will benefit from the operational experience of the entire public transport sector and the industry involved.

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