Germany introduces the Deutschlandticket 

The Deutschlandticket is a done deal: As part of the third relief package of the Federal Government, the Deutschlandticket was adopted as the successor product to the 9-Euro-Ticket. It is a ticket that is valid nationwide and can be cancelled monthly at a price of 49 euros per month. It must be issued digitally - as a mobile phone ticket or on a smart card - and be digitally controllable. The transport companies and associations are now preparing to issue and control the new fare product.

We support them in this process.

(((efi Projektgruppe Deutschlandgruppe

Project Group Implementation Deutschlandticket

On our collaboration platform (((efi we have set up the project group "Implementation Deutschlandticket" for them, where we share all relevant information. From the decision of the Conference of Minister Presidents to technical working documents and a discussion forum for their questions. The first topics are already being discussed here.


Getting startet with Deutschlandticket

In order to be able to issue a Germany-wide ticket through many sales partners and control it through even more participating companies, common rules and security mechanisms are needed. This is the only way to ensure that a passenger buys a regular ticket and can use it anywhere in Germany. Since the technical requirements on the ground can vary greatly, our document shows different scenarios with the respective references that support the implementation of the Deutschlandticket.

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For all newcomers to (((eTicket Deutschland

In order to use our ticketing standard, transport companies must be participants in (((eTicket Deutschland. To do this, they register in our Application and Security Management Tool (ASM Tool) and receive an organization ID. Can't understand a thing right now? Don't worry. In our guide for newcomers to (((eTicket Deutschland, we take you step by step - from registering in the ASM tool to signing the participant agreement to ordering keys. 

For employees of transport companies who are now dealing with eTicketing and digital sales for the first time, the VDV-ETS is now offering the "Deutschlandticket Online Consultation Hour". In this free format, our experts will answer your questions. Dates, info and registration via our seminar section at (((efi.

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For those who want to issue the Deutschlandticket on their smartphone, we are holding the "Motics Kompakt" webinar on March 14. So that you are able to control and issue the Deutschlandticket on your cell phone as quickly as possible.

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