Develop the ticketing standard via change request

Together with you we are continuously developing the VDV core application and of course (((etiCORE as well. Therefore, all participants in (((eTicket Deutschland, but also all manufacturers, public transport experts and private persons can submit suggestions for the optimization of the standard. So-called change requests. 

Submit Change Requests in (((efi

To submit a Change Request (CR) you need access to our collaboration platform (((efi. There the requests for changes of the VDV core application 1.X and (((etiCORE 3.X are submitted, read and discussed. 

In (((efi you will find all current CR, a CR forum and a CR archive. There, all old change requests that were processed on the former (((eTicket Deutschland Share-Point are saved. 

Go to Change Requests

The Change Request procedure in a nutshell

For more extensive text contributions or graphical representations, you can upload files and attach them to the form. As soon as you have officially submitted your change request in (((efi, an audit-proof protected work process starts that cannot be interfered with from the outside. A unique CR number is assigned to your request. The review process by the Standardization Working Group (AGS) begins. 

(((efi informs you as the author about all status changes that your proposal undergoes. 

At the annual participants' meeting, the participants in (((eTicket Deutschland ultimately vote on the submitted corrections and service enhancements. We integrate decided changes into the (((eTicket standard and publish them with the new release.