The Application and Security Management Tool (ASM tool)

The ASM tool is the central database for managing and organizing (((eTicket Deutschland. Via the ASM tool, the participants in (((eTicket Germany as well as the manufacturers of ticketing components can obtain information, test components, SAMs as well as the specifications themselves.

Zum ASM-Tool

This is what you can do in the ASM tool

  • become a participant in (((eTicket Germany
  • apply for an Org-ID
  • obtain specifications
  • order Level-1 SAMs
  • Order Level-1 user media
  • Manage contact persons
  • Obtain support

The ASM tool not only provides access to the specifications and our products. You can also get support here for security-relevant processes such as ordering keys, SAMs and cryptograms.

Some information is freely accessible, for specialist services you have to register first.

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